Looking for Party

Anybody interested in playing some tabletop roleplaying games on sundays, around 11PM EST?  Probably going to be using Google Hangouts.

We’re currently looking at 4th Edition D&D and Gamma World (Wizards version based on 4E), but we’re open to pretty much anything but White Wolf games.  I’m pretty solid on rules for a few systems, so, as long as the books are easy to find, I think we can make most systems work.

I think we’re starting with some campaign modules, which is why we were looking at Gamma World and 4e, plus the guy who is probably going to run them is most familiar with those.

Send an ask, or if you know me outside of tumblr, send me a message or e-mail or whatevs.

/tg/ story-time is best story-time.

/tg/ story-time is best story-time.

I’d like to share this channel I’ve been following for a while with tumblr.  I think most people enjoy board games at least a little bit.  But there are lots of board games out there that people may not have heard of or have been hesitant to try.  Fear not, tumblr, Rodney and his two wonderful children have your back.  They do “let’s play”s of board games, and to make things even better, they include the viewer by interaction and upvotes on the youtube video and their blog. How cool is that?  In this video, Rodney explains the rules to Wrath of Ashardalon (a D&D board game), and in subsequent videos, he, his children, and the viewers will take you through a whole game.  They’ll make the mistakes a player will make, as we all do, and then correct them in subsequent videos, explaining what they do along the way.

They also did Mansions of Madness (an AMAZING horror themed game), which I would have linked to instead, but it was their first series and they had lots of kinks to work out.  On their channel, there are also videos for Dungeon Run and Small World, which are both great board games, and I’d recommend checking out these videos even if you’re familiar with the games at hand.  Just a whole lot of fun.

So insanely cute, I can’t even