Savage Zombicide

I’m going to be running a Savage Worlds game this week (I think).  I’m going to do my best to free-form it all with the references I have, because it’s a zombie apocalypse game, and I feel emergent human drama would be better than following plot-points, a script, or making up a big-bad.  We’ll see what the party does.

I made the characters for them, because they have no experience with the system, and I’m the only one with access to HeroLab.  The interesting thing about this is that I remade all of the characters from Season 1 of Zombicide.  I’m thinking of making the extra KS exclusive characters, and if I get around to buying Toxic City Mall and/or Prison Break, I’ll also make those characters.

Lemme know if you’re interested in seeing what I did, I’d be glad to share, and take suggestions on how to improve them.

Got some Pathfinder and D&D minis today at my FLGS.  That shark though.  It’s so cool, but when am I going to get to use it?

Looking for Party

Anybody interested in playing some tabletop roleplaying games on sundays, around 11PM EST?  Probably going to be using Google Hangouts.

We’re currently looking at 4th Edition D&D and Gamma World (Wizards version based on 4E), but we’re open to pretty much anything but White Wolf games.  I’m pretty solid on rules for a few systems, so, as long as the books are easy to find, I think we can make most systems work.

I think we’re starting with some campaign modules, which is why we were looking at Gamma World and 4e, plus the guy who is probably going to run them is most familiar with those.

Send an ask, or if you know me outside of tumblr, send me a message or e-mail or whatevs.

To my tumblr friends who may not have seen this.  Wil Wheaton and Grant Imahara are playing one of my favorite tabletop games?  What madness is this?  Best day.

So insanely cute, I can’t even